How to take part

In this section, you will find a step-by-step guide on how to take part in the Trash to Cash Challenge. 

Don't forget to take pictures and/or videos every step of the way so our judges can see your incredible journey.

Get ready to be part of this green movement!

This online and free-to-attend event took place on Monday 5th June at 1 pm BST, World Environment Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness about environmental issues. 

In this event, the attendees had the opportunity to connect with fellow participants, learn more about the Challenge, and get inspired to transform waste into valuable resources. 

You couldn't attend? Watch the recording here!

During June and July, you can take sign up and take the Green Pledge. The Green Pledge is a commitment to take action for the planet by participating in the Trash to Cash Challenge!

By signing up and taking the Green Pledge, you will receive regular updates, valuable tips and exclusive invitations to online events

Creating a Trash To Cash team it's a fantastic way to collaborate and share ideas to make an even greater impact on the environment. You can create your own team of up to 10 people or if you prefer, you can also participate individually!

We understand that some of the participants may be younger, so teachers and mentors can provide guidance and support to ensure everyone can actively participate.

Each team/individual will participate in one of the following categories:

The Trash to Cash Challenge journey starts by picking up trash in your community. Remember, the more trash you collect, the more opportunities you have to transform it into products you can sell. There are various ways to gather waste and make a significant impact!

To understand the nature of the waste problem and its impact on your community, ask yourself: Is there a particular type of trash I am finding? What are the environmental issues in my community?

Weigh your trash in kilograms to understand the positive effect you are having on the environment, plus, it gives you the information you need to enter the competition, and increases your chances of winning cool prizes.

You can use a scale that you might have at home, or you can ask your neighbours if they have one you can borrow.

If you don't have access to a scale, don't worry! You can still estimate the weight of your trash by using some common household items.

This step is all about brainstorming and putting your ideas into action. 

Your objective is to find innovative ways to transform the trash or waste you collected into valuable products that can be sold. Think outside the box! The possibilities are endless, and this is your chance to showcase your sustainable innovation to the world!

Let your imagination soar as you turn trash into treasure!

SALES WEEK! It's time to get your cash!

You will have a full week from Monday 10th July to Sunday 16th July, to make as many sales as possible with the products you've created. You can choose to sell on one day or every day of that week. 

You can set up a market in your school or a public space in your community.

Make sure to advertise your products in advance and let people know where you will be selling them!

Complete our short online form to tell us how you did and unlock your chance to win amazing prizes!

Showcase your incredible work and have a shot at winning exciting rewards! 

Make sure to complete it by Monday 31st July (15:00 BST) to be considered for prizes

If you need some assistance, you can ask your teacher or mentor to complete the online form together with you, or submit on your behalf.

Remember, only complete one online form per participant or team and don't forget to include your pictures/videos in the online form so the judges can see your incredible journey!

Mark your calendars and get ready to celebrate the remarkable achievements of the Trash To Cash Challenge participants. On the Thursday 17th August, we will be hosting an online live event where we will announce the winners of this incredible competition.

Be sure to join us as we celebrate these eco-champions and showcase their remarkable accomplishments. 

Stay tuned for further details and the invitation to access the online live event.


The Trash To Cash Challenge is an initiative by Teach A Man To Fish, a registered UK charity no. 1112699