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Get ready to be inspired by the incredible journeys of past winners! 

Meet Grace, Jennifer, Magdaline, Denelson, and Victor from Nigeria - a team of dynamic individuals who participated in the Trash to Cash Challenge. They collected discarded clothes from local tailor shops, transforming them into reusable sanitary pads. Their innovation not only addressed a critical need in their community by promoting sustainable menstrual hygiene practices but also made a remarkable profit of $335 USD. As winners of the December 2022 edition, their success propelled them towards greater entrepreneurial endeavours and environmental advocacy. Since then, they have continued to excel, attracting grants and pursuing projects that create positive change. Their inspiring journey showcases the transformative power of the Trash to Cash Challenge and its impact on participants' lives and communities.

Nangoobi, Brenda, and Suzan Brianea secured third place in the December 2022 Trash to Cash Challenge. They recognised the environmental impact of discarded car tires in Uganda's growing transport industry and decided to tackle the problem head-on. Collecting 50kg of tires from garages and gas stations, they creatively repurposed them into stylish stools adorned with vibrant African print fabrics. Their innovative solution not only earned them $196 USD but also inspired them to establish an ongoing business, continuously improving their furniture designs. Their success highlights the potential of transforming waste into valuable products and demonstrates the positive outcomes of leveraging local resources and entrepreneurial spirit.

Suhani, Aakriti, Sanya, Upasana, and Vinamrr from GD Goenka Public School in India made a staggering 900 sales in just one day! This led them to win the 'Most Sales Made' category of the Trash To Cash Challenge June 2022 edition.

With the Sustainable Development Goals in mind, the team started by collecting waste paper, bottles and clothes and then converted them into beautiful and affordable items like wrapping paper, pencils, planters, and tie dye clothes. The products were then sold at school, alongside an awareness campaign to educate their peers about "the importance and need of recycling and making it an integrated part of our lives".

The teachers say the Trash To Cash Challenge encouraged students to be sensitive towards the environment and its needs. 

In the future they plan to donate their profit to an NGO, as the team believes in "the art of giving". They also plan to organise a community cleanliness drive to continue spreading awareness about environmental issues

Obadare Adenekan, a determined 21-year-old from Nigeria, won the 'Most Creative Repurpose of Waste' category in the inaugural Trash to Cash Challenge in June 2022. With just 10kg of plastic bottles, Obadare ingeniously transformed them into construction bricks by blending plastic with sand. His inspiring journey taught him the value of collective effort in saving the ecosystem, proving that nothing is truly waste if we explore possibilities beyond our initial perception.

Motivated by his success, Obadare joined forces with friends from Lagos State University to establish the "Lagos Plastic Revolution". This initiative aims to raise awareness about the detrimental impact of improper waste disposal, striving to prevent future environmental and health risks. Through their relentless dedication, Obadare and his team have converted a remarkable 350kg of various trash types into bricks, which were sold and used for building houses.


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