Get ready for some amazing rewards that come with unleashing your creativity to solve real-world problems! When you use your skills and imagination to tackle the waste issue in the world, it's not just about making a difference, but also about feeling a sense of accomplishment.

But wait, there's more! We have additional ways to celebrate and acknowledge the outstanding achievements of participants who go the extra mile to create a positive impact. So, get excited about the incredible rewards that await those who dare to think differently and make the world a greener and better place!

Every person or team who enters the challenge will receive an exclusive personalised Certificate of Participation

Plus, we have certificates for your teachers and your school if they support you on this journey. These Certificates recognise your hard work and show your commitment to a more sustainable future!

Our expert judges will award with cash prizes the teams/individuals in each one of our 3 categories.

These cash prizes can help you grow and set up your own sustainable enterprise!

Judging Criteria

 Our judges are looking for teams/individuals that showcase a combination of creativity and an overall impact on the environment, community and society.


The Trash To Cash Challenge is an initiative by Teach A Man To Fish, a registered UK charity no. 1112699